Sunday Services

Each week on Sunday morning provides congregants, guests, and facilitators an opportunity to connect and go deeper on their spiritual paths. This is done through a variety of formats and presentations.

It could be an inspiring and uplifting message presented by a guest speaker (live or "virtual). Perhaps the topic is discussed in a study group format or based on a DVD presentation. Services may also include music, meditation, and always prayer.

Weekly topics are filled with stories, personal experiences, and inspirational writings from around the world (ancient texts or contemporary authors). These heartfelt presentations focus on the positive and uplifting teachings of New Thought, as well as the personal responsibility we each have in creating our own lives.

It is a casual and uplifting atmosphere, filled with joy and fun as we come together each week to celebrate LIFE!

Upcoming Events

Check out our FACEBOOK page or attend a Sunday service to see what's brewing ... events, classes, workshops, or something greater!